2018 African Australian Leadership Challenge

It was an honour and a pleasure to see Winta and Mohammed go through a transformational leadership experience on the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme as part of the 2018 African Australian Leadership Challenge.

Like 13,000 young Australians before them, Winta and Mo completed a physically and emotionally challenging voyage to test themselves and develop their leadership capabilities. It was inspiring for me to see what they, and the rest of the youth crew, could achieve.

It was even enough motivation to keep me climbing the rigging and to staying awake with them during the night watches despite being nearly twice their age!

After they finish university, Winta has dreams of being an actuary and Mo of working at DFAT. After seeing them at work I know they have the potential to achieve anything they set their minds to.

I want to thank Winta and Mo’s sponsors making their voyage possible, the incredible staff crew of the Young Endeavour and their indefatigable Captain Kenny for what they do for young Australians all year round and the ADF Parliamentary Program for facilitating my participation.

You can find out further information on our voyage at https://www.facebook.com/AfricanAusLeadershipChallenge/